Jeju Island (or Jeju Special Self-Governing Province) formally known as Cheju Island, is Korea's largest island.  It is a typical volcanic island, one of the new seven wonders of natural in the world.  It is a core city of Jeju Special Self-governing Province with rural and urban areas and great development potential.  A City with natural beauty, tradition, and Tamna cultural heritage.  A hub of Northwest Asia which is about to move forward to the ocean.


  • International city of Freetown, developing tourism, recuperation, 21st century Northeast Asia Business Center;
  • Located in Korea, China, Japan the three centers of Northeast Asia locations;
  • World’s treasure island by tianhui natural environment and unique island culture of the mysterious island;
  • High Quality education, Korea Government build an International Education City in Jeju, it is the first city using Western-style education in English and expected there will be 12 international schools set up in year 2020 to accommodate 9,000 students.


  • Invest more than US $ 500,000 (including US$ 500,000), or 500 million won (includes 500 million won) in recreation residence facilities (or Resort Vacation villas);
  • Up to two or more persons, each person must invest in the amount of not less than 500 million won (includes 500 million won);
  • No business background, no age limit restrictions, education level and language skills, no assets, no sources of fund to be proven, no medical examination.  An applicant can apply together with their spouses and children (unmarried), they can have the right of permanent residence upon approval of the application.