Dominica was colonized by the French and British before finally obtaining independence in 1978. Bananas and other agriculture dominate Dominica's economy, and nearly one-third of the labour force works in agriculture. Dominica is a beneficiary of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) that grants duty-free entry into the United States for many goods. 



  • Tax Free on Foreign Income, Capital Gains, Wealth, Gift & Inheritance Tax;
  • Dual Citizenship is Allowed and is not reported to other countries;
  • Visa Free travel to more than 100 countries, including Schengen zone in Europe;
  • No physical residency requirements.

Citizenship by Investment             

Government Contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund

  • A non-refundable investment of US$100,000 for a single applicant;
  • No criminal record;
  • Good health.

Real Estate

  • Invest at least USD200,000 from the permission Real Estate Project
  • No criminal record;
  • The average processing time is normally 5-6 months